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PLM software as it should be.
Effortless to implement. Genuinely easy to use.

"A Proven Methodology to Deliver Rapid Benefits from PLM"

At Centric we think PLM software should make your job easier. Demonstrate value quickly. Be so simple to use and intuitive, users actually like it. And that’s not just talk—it’s a promise.  Just ask our customers:

Sundance Catalog Company Implements Centric PLM in 11 Weeks

Western Glove Works Implements Centric Software PLM in 12 Weeks.

So how does Centric deliver PLM benefits so rapidly, when other PLM systems can take a year or more?  We have a method.  We incorporate industry best practices.  Skip customization that’s expensive and quickly outdated.  Focus on your biggest problem first.  Deliver enterprise-wide impact.  Make it genuinely easy to use.

To learn more, read our white paper, “A Proven Methodology to Deliver Rapid Benefits from PLM."