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Line Planning
Line Planning

Centric, Solutions, PLM Software for Apparel Consumer Goods aspx, Line Planning

Effective planning
and execution
is always in season.

Centric 8 PLM software aligns development
with bottom-line business goals.

Centric PLM software for apparel, luxury goods and consumer goods companies brings greater focus to line planning.  Centric Line Planning aligns the entire product development team with corporate financial goals, assuring that seasons, departments, collections and even specific styles are managed to meet performance targets. It extends senior management's visibility into costs, margins, sales targets and overall performance, providing the ability to review and compare plans, top-down or bottom-up. Easy-to-use reports, graphs and charts offer instant views into trends and performance, eliminating the need for costly business intelligence systems.

The results? Extraordinary!

  • Companies improve profitability by enhancing the visibility of sales targets and performance, cost and gross margins before developing assortments.
  • Managers direct efforts toward products with the greatest impact on revenue, meet market windows by quickly identifying and resolving bottlenecks, and focus their teams on GMROI, volume targets and other key objectives.

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Line Planning