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Product Sourcing
"Centric sets a new bar in
global sourcing from a
collaborative standpoint. It
has suppliers, agents,
distributors and
merchandising folks all
coming together on a
single platform. It enables
them to know where the
product is, when it's
coming in and what the
problems are.  Everyone
sees the same."
Mickey North Rizza, Director
Centric, Solutions, PLM Software for Apparel Consumer Goods aspx, Product Sourcing

Collaborative product
development—from the beginning—is now a reality.

Centric 8 PLM software enables innovative,
effective companies to incorporate product sourcing
at the start of product development.

With Centric 8 PLM software, fashion, luxury goods and consumer goods companies manage risk, costs and performance. Centric Sourcing makes true collaborative product development a reality, enabling supplier involvement and management at the earliest phase of the development cycle. With visibility into suppliers, calendars and real-time data, the entire sourcing team - anywhere, anytime - stays in sync. Using an intuitive and secure Web interface, Centric Product Sourcing provides a "single version of the truth" to global team members who can identify and compare suppliers, assess financial implications, and track status and issues.

The results? Extraordinary!

  • Real-time visibility of data for globally sourced products allows development of high-quality products, quickly and accurately, with lower risk.
  • Companies reduce sourcing costs, improve margins and assure compliance, all without adding resources.
  • Improved management and visibility of quoting, sampling, and product selection processes allows more efficient vendor selection.