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Sample Review Mobile App
Sample Review
Mobile App
"The Sample Review
Mobile App produces
better communication
with suppliers,
faster, more accurate
sample development,
and a more rapid product
development schedule."
Chris Groves
President and CEO
Centric Software

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Now Centric 8 PLM software for retail, apparel, footwear,
luxury and consumer goods businesses includes easy-to-use,
robust, mobile editing tools for better sample review sessions.

Companies in the retail, apparel, footwear, luxury and consumer goods industries face a sample review process that often is tedious and repetitive. They understand that eliminating the sample review bottleneck effectively will speed products to market and deliver bottom-line results.

Centric’s Sample Review Mobile App does the job, combining robust editing tools, the immediacy of mobile devices, and Centric 8 PLM's "single version of the truth about the product." The easy-to-use app lets designers quickly view and edit sample and style data on any iOS-enabled mobile device, tap into any documents related to the sample, take and view photos, and add sketches and comments.

The mobile app improves communication with suppliers, reduces mistakes inherent in manual editing, and reduces the number of iterations in a process often characterized by voluminous changes. And, the Sample Review Mobile App saves all changes to the Centric 8 PLM system instantly—or lets users save changes on the mobile device and upload them later if an Internet connection is unavailable.

The results? Extraordinary!

  • Reduced sample review process time.
  • Improved communication with suppliers.
  • Faster, more accurate sample development.
  • More rapid product development schedule.